Stockport road rage motorist speeds off with stranger CLINGING to car bonnet

The terrifying moment a stranger was forced to cling to the bonnet of a speeding car in Stockport has become an internet hit.

The shocking standoff has been viewed more than 37,000 times on Vine but MM have managed to track down a longer video of the incident.

The reckless road rage incident, filmed by cabaret singer Asa Elliot, occurred on Wellington Road South in February but no complaint has been made to police.

The altercation began when a driver left his car to confront  another motorist near the junction at Longshut Lane.

He stands in front of the car and appears to be challenging the driver over the off-camera incident.

Unbelievably, after giving no obvious response, the one motorist drives off with the other desperately sprawled on the bonnet.

Eventually, the car slows down further up the road and the man hurriedly gets off before sprinting back to his own car.

It is unknown whether the man suffered any injuries during the incident.

Asa, who performs for the ITV programme Benidorm, explained to MM that he started recording the now viral video from a showroom across the street when he heard the altercation kick off.

He said: “I saw an angry driver get out of his car and stand in front of the car in front of him, obviously very upset about what had just happened. I decided to film in case anything happened and potentially be used as evidence.

“The traffic lights changed and the cars were holding people up behind them, this standoff went on for a few seconds and the driver decided to drive off with the angry man clinging on to his car bonnet!”

Image and videos courtesy of Asa Elliot, with thanks.

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