Entrance of the Arndale before Monday 19th Jul

Manchester Residents are in two minds about ‘freedom day’ on Monday

From Monday 19th July face coverings will no longer be a legal requirement in England as announced by the government last week.

The day has been termed ‘freedom day’ by many and seems to have divided the opinions of Manchester.

Some Manchester residents are pleased to be seeing the back of masks and hope that people will take personal responsibility, particularly after being vaccinated.

Will Monday mean the end of signs like these?

One Manchester local said: “Those that aren’t worried and for shops that aren’t worried too they should have the ability to take their mask off especially if they’re double vaxxed.”

Although the rules, surrounding facemasks, are lifting on Monday, the government is still advising that people wear their face coverings in crowded spaces.

The BBC reported that Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, will require face coverings on trams.

Although businesses can set their own rules, members of the general public have still expressed their preference to wear the mask in crowded spaces.

 Paired with the rolling vaccinations in England, could the end of mandatory mask-wearing be a help or a hindrance?

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