‘Santa’s elves wander around Manchester’s Christmas Markets using Google Maps’

Festive markets have become a symbol of Christmas around the world, and now you can visit Manchester’s from the comfort of your own home.

Manchester’s world famous Christmas Markets have been transported to all corners of the globe with a first-of-its-kind Google Street View service.   

The ever-advancing internet mapping tool has featured some of the world’s most famous and iconic landmarks, but this has now been taken to a whole new level.

The city’s Albert Square markets have been digitised, meaning you do not have to brave the cold and rain to enjoy them, but can enjoy the atmosphere whilst sat in front of the fire, with a warm cuppa in your hand instead?

But, according to Manchester Councillor Pat Karney, it is not only the people who are able to visit the markets in such a unique way.

“When not making toys, Santa’s elves’ favourite pastime is to explore Manchester on Google Street View,” said Manchester’s Christmas spokesperson.

“They will think Christmas has come early now they can wander through Albert Square – what a brilliant way to see the markets.

“We think this is the first time Google’s street view has visited a Christmas market – but clearly the UK’s original, biggest and best was the place to start.”

The innovative street view option went live on Friday 18, as Manchester gets set to celebrate the final weekend of the award-winning markets, before Christmas week begins.

It will offer visitors the chance to relive their market experience and allow those who did not have chance to make it to the site the opportunity to have a taste of what they missed.

The Google street view is now available online, enabling visitors to take the journey directly from the street view of the city centre in to the Albert Square Christmas Market site as a virtual tour.

The tool has been produced by TOUR.MEDIA, a Manchester based organisation whose latest efforts allow the public to plan their Christmas visit to Manchester, share their experiences and explore ahead of the crowds.

“At TOUR.MEDIA we have a passion for sharing the world,” said Managing Director Daryl Jackson.

“Most people will have seen our Google virtual tours showcasing the ‘inside’ of restaurants, hotels, shops and showrooms, which is great for increasing business sales and boosting that all important online presence.

“However we are always on the lookout for interesting and exciting outside events that we think the public would love to see.”

You can begin your virtual adventure around Manchester’s markets by googling ‘Manchester Christmas Markets’ before clicking on ‘see inside’.

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