‘Doughnuts’: GMP warn commuters to be on look out for opportunistic car thieves

At least two cars have been stolen in Greater Manchester after owners left the engine running whilst de-icing their vehicles.

Friday morning got off to a frosty start for two unlucky car owners after opportunistic thieves targeted the unattended vehicles and drove off unnoticed.

The sleepy commuters were caught cold after leaving their cars unlocked with the engine running before heading back inside their homes to pick up their morning brew.

Police have warned the public to remain vigilant when de-icing their windscreens and not to present cold-hearted criminals with the chance to strike.

Furthermore, many insurance policies will not cover vehicle owners in such circumstances.

“Thieves are out there looking,” warned Greater Manchester Traffic Police via their Twitter feed, encouraging drivers to ‘deny them the opportunity’.

Reactions on the social network were less than sympathetic. One user hoped the police filed the reports in the ‘stupid’ tray, whilst another breakfast time Tweeter labelled the victims ‘doughnuts’.

The thefts followed a spate of similar incidents across North Yorkshire and Teesside in the last week.

Image courtesy of Ami Suomela, via Flickr, with thanks

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