Roadhouse to stop rockin’: Iconic Manchester music venue closes its doors

Iconic Manchester music venue The Roadhouse will be closing its doors indefinitely in June.

The basement club located on the corner of Newton Street has been a live music favourite since 1992.

The venue has played host to acts such as Roots Mavuna, Muse, Fleet Foxes and even Coldplay.

However the club will have a final encore on May 31 before closing for good on June 1.

Other Manchester venues expressed their sadness at the news.

Sound Control on New Wakefield Street said: “Sending big love to our Roadhouse family. Sad day for one of Manchester’s legendary venues.”

Sasha Lord, proprietor of Warehouse Project and Parklife festival, said: “Sad loss to Manchester’s music scene … will always hold its place in Manchester history.”

Regularly hosted club nights such as Hoya:Hoya, BPM and So Flute have garnered the venue a cult following.

Over the years Roadhouse has acted as a stop-off point for touring bands and providing a home for musicians trying to get a career-defining break.

The club was saved in 1994 from foreclosure by current co-owners Kate Mountain and Steve Lloyd, who joined forces to keep the doors open.

Roadhouse has been especially pivotal in nurturing the Manchester band Elbow who have all worked previously at the club.

They have often returned to the venue, most recently for a War Child fundraiser in February.

The venue has become a cornerstone of the Manchester music scene for championing up and coming bands and under the radar club nights.

Image courtesy of Graham C99, with thanks.

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