Bez reveals Salford MP bid is ‘not about winning, it’s about the fight’ – as he declares war on fracking

Manchester music icon Bez may have thrown his hat in the ring to be Salford MP but among his wild claims of curing cancer is admitting it’s ‘not about winning, it’s about the fight’.

Mark Berry, better known as Bez, plans to run as an independent candidate in a bid to replace current MP Hazel Blears, who has announced her intention to step down next year.

However Bez has revealed in a column written for The Guardian how determined his is to use his new-found polical platform to take-on controversial topics such as the fracking at Barton Moss.

The 49-year-old wrote in his column: “Just announcing my candidacy has brought attention to these important issues. We live in a democratic society that allows me to fight the revolution in the corridors of power.

Salford is currently a safe Labour seat and Bez, who will stand in the 2015 general election, admitted he has little hope of winning.

“It’s not about winning; it’s about the fight,” he said.

The former Happy Mondays star went on: “I have been shouting about changing things. But then I realised it’s not a revolution I need, I should contribute.

“There is a system set up that we live in, and I’ve got to use that system and fight the revolution from within. It’s about taking steps against the bankers, corporations and people trampling all over human rights.”

The Manchester percussionist has already been vocal in supporting environmental issues and already has firm plans to stop fracking at the Salford site.

He said: “I went along to the fracking protest at Barton Moss to lend my support because of the concerns I have about environmental issues.

“If we allow fracking to happen in Salford and Manchester, any idea of a permaculture society will end with it.

“I am standing as an MP to draw attention to the debate because I believe fracking is unsafe technology and the damage it could do to the environment is irreversible.”

Having already given the Barton Moss protestors his backing, Bez also plans to change how protestors are treated.

Bez added: “The actions of police at fracking demonstrations mean that protesters are scared to show solidarity with the people who are trying to protect the site.

“They have made it impossible for people to protest safely. I hope to give these people a voice. If you are too scared to protest, you can demonstrate your concerns about fracking by voting for me.”

Since his Happy Monday and Hacienda days Bez has transformed his life and now lives a much more peaceful existence.

“I’m a beekeeper and take beehives into schools, along with juices and organic vegetables,” he said.

“I am trying to get permaculture on to the national curriculum to teach children how to take care of their own health, rather than relying on businesses to feed them.”

Image courtesy of ITV via YouTube, with thanks.

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