SuperJosh’s legacy: Brain tumour boy jets off on hols thanks to Bury charity

A brave poorly youngster is getting ready to jet off on a ‘dream’ holiday thanks to the charity set up in honour of a brave Bury teenager known to the community as ‘SuperJosh’.

Hugo Porcher, five, from Norfolk, was diagnosed with an optic nerve glioma brain tumour in October 2013 and began chemotherapy treatment when he was just three years old.

But thanks to the Josh Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, the five-year-old and his family will have the chance to make some happy memories like a ‘normal family’, in the sunshine.

Hugo’s Dad, Edward said: “The news we had last week, that with the generosity of Joshua’s charity, we can have a dream beach holiday at the end of Hugo’s treatment, has given us all a tremendous boost.

“It’s something really special to look forward to and we will be able to make happy memories like a normal family.

“We want to express our gratitude to the Charity for the grant you have offered to us in Joshua’s name. Financially a holiday is something we have been unable to fund ourselves since Elena had to give up work. We will make sure we have a wonderful time.”

His mother, Elena, was forced to give up her job so that she could become his full-time carer and as a result, family finances have become strained.

Josh Wilson from Bury died in November, aged just 14, following a long battle with terminal illness.

The youngster was left partially blind and disabled following intrusive surgery to remove a life threatening brain tumour, when he was just three years old.

However his ‘supermum’ Dawn Fidler has continued to drum up cash for the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity which provides support to other children with brain tumours and post-surgery disabilities.

The charity, which operates mainly through social media, boasts more than 40,000 Twitter followers and is committed to helping families with terminally ill children by providing help, support and financial solutions.

Dawn Fidler said: “Families facing situations like Hugo’s and like ours are more common than you would ever dread to think.

“We are delighted to have been able to offer them this chance of a holiday at the end of Hugo’s treatment and hope that they have the most amazing time.” 


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