Toxic smog in Manchester shows gov’t must act on air pollution, warn Greens

A cloud of potentially toxic smog that has descended on Manchester proves that it’s time the Government took air pollution more seriously, claims a Green Party election candidate.

Kieran Turner-Dave, Green candidate for Manchester Central, told MM that something needed to be done in light of the smog that is set to descend on the UK from Europe.

The smog – largely made up of dust particles and air pollution – could trigger fatal asthma attacks and heart problems especially in vulnerable people.

“Is it not time to admit that action needs to be taken on air pollution?” he said.

“If we invest now in a zero-carbon economy we could ensure a sustainable economic future, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and take serious action to fight air pollution and climate change.”

“We need to realise that petrol is a finite resource, that is estimated to run out of within my lifetime.”

‘Moderate’ levels of pollution have been predicted for Greater Manchester and the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) warned parts of Northern England will be the worst hit.

Experts believe the smog could potentially cause sore throats and itchy eyes, even in otherwise healthy people.

Kieran believes the government needed to spend money on improved transport facilities in order to provide better options for road users and cut down on pollution.

“The government is throwing £30bn into a new major roads programme, and pushing for more airport expansion,” he said.

“The Green Party believe this money would be better spent on renationalising the railways, cutting public transport fares, and improving cycle lanes around the country.”

People with respiratory conditions including asthma are being advised to carry their reliever inhaler with them at all times, as pollution levels are expected to remain raised throughout the weekend.

Image courtesy of Andy B, with thanks.

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