I’m a Celebrity winner Christopher Biggins lashes out at child sex abusers, demanding death penalty for ‘scum’

MM exclusive by Danielle Mendel

Christopher Biggins has lashed out at child sex abusers, claiming the ‘scum’ should be executed for their crimes.

The I’m a Celebrity winner branded Jimmy Savile one of the ‘nastiest people ever’ and demanded the death penalty be reinstated for those convicted of sex abuse.

Barely able to contain his anger towards the likes of Savile and Stuart Hall, who pleaded guilty to child abuse earlier this month, he claimed he would go out and kill anyone who touched young members of his own family.

“They are scum. Why should we spend millions of pounds keeping them in prison?” the 64-year-old TV personality told MM.

“Certainly I think that anybody who touches a child sexually, I would actually go out and kill them.

“If they touched my godchildren or they touched my niece or nephew I would go out with a gun or something and get rid of them because I feel so strongly about it.”

Biggins, who was in Manchester to film Celebrities on Ice and promote the work he does with children’s charities, spoke about the vulnerability of youngsters.

“Children are so vulnerable,” the Oldham-born actor said. “How anyone can have sex with a baby, for instance, is beyond me. How does that happen?

“That sort of mentality I don’t think can be cured and I think the death penalty should be brought back.”

Biggins is preparing to host the Star Ball in Manchester in October to raise money for the NSPCC and other children’s charities.

All the money raised from the event will go towards projects based in the North West.

“The NSPCC is a wonderful charity,” he said. “It deserves all the money it can get, in this climate especially.”

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