Have no fear, Bolton’s Angels are here: Teens honoured for risking lives to save elderly woman from chip pan fire

A group of Bolton teenagers described as ‘angels’ after rescuing an elederly lady from a house fire have had their heroic deed recognised this week.

The group of heroes came to the rescue of 92-year-old Dorothy Booth last September, after a chip pan fire began to engulf her home.

And after risking their lives to save Dorothy, she was reunited with three of her saviours at the Bolton North Fire Station on Monday.

“I’m really pleased to be at this well-deserved presentation and share just how wonderful I think the group of teenagers – my Astley Bridge Angels – are,” said Dorothy.

“The night I had the fire when the ‘angels’ came to my rescue was one I won’t forget and one I don’t wish to ever repeat.”

Matthew Reilly, Ashley Glenn and Grant Walker were thanked with framed congratulation letters, to remind them of their heroic act.

Lauren Jones, Marisa Barton and Beth Edge were unable to make the presentation, but will still receive their framed letters.

County Fire Officer and Chief Executive of GMFRS, Steve McGuirk, was there to personally thank the teenagers, along with the rest of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

“On the evening of September 23, 2013, the group were walking along Blackburn Road when they smelled burning and saw smoke coming from a house.

“They called 999 and alerted Dorothy to the fire before making their way inside the smoke-filled kitchen.  They then assisted her outside, removed the chip pan that had been on fire and waited until firefighters arrived.

“If it hadn’t been for the help of the brave youngsters then the outcome could have been much worse.

“I’d like to officially recognise the brave actions of Matthew, Grant, Ashley, Lauren, Marisa and Beth – you truly are a credit to our community.”

After the presentation, the youngsters and their families shared a cup of tea with Dorothy and two of her sons to celebrate her 92nd birthday.

The event was also attended by local councillors and Fire Authority members Lynda Byrne and Mohammed Ayub, as well as Bolton Borough Manager Ian Bailey.

Image courtesy of Manchester Fire, with thanks

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