Who you gonna call? House Network! Manchester estate agents turn ghost hunters to put homeowners at ease

Homeowners in Manchester can now have their house searched for any signs of paranormal activity, thanks to an online estate agent.

House Network are hoping to reassure those looking to sell their houses by offering a Ghost-free Certification service.

“It’s been quite popular. We’ve had a surprising amount of bookings in such a short space of time,” said investigator Barri Ghai from the Ghost Finder Paranormal Society.

“We have currently been investigating all over London. So far we’ve found no signs of paranormal activity.”

Barri has been investigating people’s houses for ghosts for over ten years, and has seen a great deal of paranormal activity through his work

“I’ve seen several apparitions; shadowy figures moving across rooms, locked doors opening on their own and I’ve seen a toy car move across a floor on its own, much of it caught on camera.”

“I find people’s homes are usually far more exciting than big castles and mansions.”

The scheme is on offer throughout October, and those interested can book here.

The paranormal investigations take several hours depending on the size of the house and involve the setting up of temporary camera and static-recording equipment, as well as interviews with the occupants.

Once the investigator is satisfied that the home is not haunted the owner will be awarded with House Network’s Ghost-Free Certification.

He said: “I think around this time of year people became more aware and open-minded about this kind of thing because it’s in the public consciousness. So I generally get an increase of inquiries around this time of the year.”

“But people that haven’t had any experience of it are always sceptical; I think it’s only natural, so we do have to sift through the enquiries people genuinely concerned.

“At the moment our inquiries genuinely want certification of being free of ghosts. It’s funny that people get in structural engineers and electricians, and now people also want a certificate to say that their house is free of ghosts.”

Houses in the US are currently legally obliged to disclose any paranormal history at their property, but UK law has yet to recognise supernatural activity in particular.

But more generally obliged to disclose anything which may ‘negatively affect the price of the property’.

House Network’s Joseph Fitzpatrick said, “The scheme came about through research we’d seen about it.

“People get all sorts of surveys done on their houses these days so we thought why not expand that into the paranormal realm.”

Image courtesy of Rachel Titiriga, with thanks.

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