LAD Bible face online backlash over posting Man Utd Vine star’s work details

Internet humour website The LAD Bible is facing an internet backlash after it posted the work details of Manchester United internet sensation Andy Tate.

The popular Manchester-based website poked fun at the vine star, famed for his footballing rants, by publishing and sharing a photo of him working for a food shop, which MM are not naming.

However Twitter erupted in opposition to the post, which The LAD Bible were republishing and were not the originators of the information. The LAD Bible have since deleted the post.

Andy, an Old Trafford regular, rose to fame after a video he featured in went viral, racking up more than 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

Twitter user Joe Morris said: “The Andy Tate vines were funny, but accounts like Lad Bible are posting pictures of him at work. That’s just intrusive and harassment.”

Josh Amos said: “People at the Lad Bible abusing Andy Tate for working at [MM are not publishing these details], when they work there, is beyond belief.”

Mark Tunnicliffe said: “Trust the Lad Bible to post a picture of where Andy Tate works. Does nobody have any privacy anymore?”

The website, which claims to attract 65million visitors per day, declined to comment on the issue.

Image courtesy of Full Time Red Devils via YouTube, with thanks.

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