Resist those puppy dog eyes! Manchester charity warns not to feed pets ‘toxic’ Christmas dinners

By Matthew Naylor

Mancunians are running the risk of poisoning their pets this festive season by accidentally feeding them Christmas dinners, according to The Dogs’ Home.

The warning comes after figures released this week say that 24% of people will feed their cats and dogs a traditional roast dinner intended for humans at Christmas.

This is without realising ingredients such as onions and garlic are poisonous to many animals.

With Boxing Day being one of the busiest days for vets every year, Lisa Graham, home manager at Manchester Dogs’ Home in Harpurhey, has issued her own warning to owners in the area.

“I would strongly advise pet owners to seek advice from their veterinary surgeons before attempting to put together a homemade Christmas dinner for their pets,” said Ms Graham.

The Dog’s Home, which has been known to accommodate between 300 and 400 dogs around this time of year, is currently running their annual Christmas Dinner Campaign.

Once again set up by supporter Chelsea Norris, the campaign is aiming to raise £2,000 to feed the animals at the home during this busy season.

Angela Grigg, manager at Putney Animal Hospital in London, said: “We had 15 cases on Boxing Day as a result of people giving their dogs their own Christmas dinner with turkey and stuffing.

“Turkey is very rich and stuffing contains onions which is not good for dogs.

“It caused them to have vomiting and diarrhoea and they became dehydrated. One or two of them were so severe they had to go on drips.”

Yet even if their pets can’t enjoy a hearty Christmas dinner, Manchester residents and their animals are raring up for the festive period in other ways.

Alex Hughes, a managing director in Beswick, said that he and his partner do what they can to get their dogs Koppa and Bonnie into the festive spirit along with the family.

“We give them doggie stockings and maybe a festive hoodie,” said Mr Hughes.

“They also get a mini-Christmas dinner just minus the sprouts because Koppa has the world’s worst farts anyway.”

And the 25-year-old knows exactly where his idea for animal festivities comes from – his mum buys the family’s horse presents every year.

“She makes them a stocking with horse treats in such as carrots, Polos, that sort of thing.”

Even if you don’t have pets of your own, such as a horse with minty-fresh breath, to get into the spirit this Christmas, you can still help out the Manchester Dogs’ Home.

To donate to the Dog’s Home’s campaign, visit Chelsea Norris’ Just Giving page here.

Picture courtesy of The Dog’s Home, with thanks.

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