Check ’em lads: Testicular cancer charity backs Manchester men baring all for #sockonaco*k campaign

Manchester lads who have been flashing their proud members in woolly socks on social media sites to raise money for testicular cancer have been given the all-clear from a survivor-run charity.

Warning: Some nudity is featured below.

In response to the ‘no make-up selfie’, men from all around the country have boldly gone where no man has been before – the naked selfie wearing nothing but a sock, as part of the #sockonacock campaign.

After the photos have been posted, men are making generous donations to different testicular cancer charities before nominating their friends to do the same.

Checkemlads, a survivor-run charity, has received a large amount of the attention over the last 48 hours and have received over 900 web hits, making over £600 in donations so far.

Philly Morris, founder of Checkemlads said: “I have no idea how it started, I woke up to lots of Twitter pics with us mentioned on it.

“This sock thing is good as it gets men thinking about shyness and also breaks down a few barriers while supporting us.”

The North West based charity started in 2003 when Steve White, Paul Weller’s drummer, offered to help Phil set up a website to help and support cancer sufferers.

“We run support forums and online awareness, our films teach men what to expect when going through cancer, teach how to check and also a film about life after we started in 2003 after a back stage meet at a Paul Weller gig,” said Philly.

Ryan Farrington, 26 from Warrington, sought the help and support of Checkemlads last year after being diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer.

“My chemo nurse told me about the charity and said I should visit the Facebook page to see if there was anyone I could talk to,” said Ryan.

“I got in touch with Checkemlads and Philly visited me in hospital – he bought me chocolate and magazines.”


Image above: Ryan Farrington joins in with #sockonacock.

Although Ryan isn’t suggested he started the wave of selfies, he posted his photo before noticing that anyone else was doing it too. 

“I just did it to cause a stir and get a reaction out people. I then nominated some of my mates to do the same,” said Ryan.

“I made a couple of old ladies very happy too apparently.”

It is more than just a trend to Ryan, he feels it is important for other men to take part and spread the word too.

“It’s all about awareness and support. We go on about the checks woman get like smear test and breast scans but were expected to check ourselves,” he said.

“Really it’s about getting the word out there telling people to check themselves.”

Ryan isn’t the only one getting involved, Paddy White, a personal trainer from Manchester has also been showing his support. 

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Paddy tweeted at @_Paddy_White_: “So this happened last night” and then later said: “Please donate.”

The Sock on a Cock Facebook page opened 48 hours ago and already has 24,000 likes, with the hastag #sockonacock making an appearance shortly after.

A supporter of the cause, Diane Callaway tweeted at @dianecallaway: “@SockOnCock great group are just getting started on twitter so give them some twitter luv! yall know I support testicular cancer awareness”

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Not all men are supporting the bold efforts, Brad Pritchard tweeted at @_BradPritchard: “Charity donations should be done for consideration. Not a laugh! Some people are so wrapped up in social networking sites. #sockoncock”

Benedict Garrett, famous for his appearance on Big Brother last year, also posted his contribution  earlier today. 

Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so by texting:  SOCK11 £5 to 70070 or more information clcik here. 

Image courtesy of Carole Raddato, via Flickr, with thanks.

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