Shopper queues outside Manchester’s Piccadilly Records a day before Record Store Day begins

The anticipation for Record Store Day is already building on the eve of the event as vinyl enthusiast Daniel Bedford has been queuing outside Piccadilly Records in the Northern Quarter since 11am.

Record Store Day is the busiest day of the year for independent vinyl shops with limited exclusive pressings on offer for those stores taking part.

Taking place on 22nd April, this well-loved annual celebration will see over 260 venues right across the country and 400 exclusive pressings available this year from a vast range of genres. 

Piccadilly Records always has long snaking queues around the block filled with those vinyl lovers who are keen to get their hands on the LPs on sale and get involved with the events of the day.

But Daniel is guaranteeing he is first through the doors after queuing outside of the record store just a little after 11, in preparation for when their doors open at 8am the following day.

He said: “I was reading up about it online and saw the queues outside of Piccadilly Records last year, so I know I had to get down to make sure I could get in.

“I am here for Loyle Carner’s debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ which is pressed onto a picture disc which is really cool, and I think I will be getting Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’.”

Daniel is well-armed to combat the long wait and the unpredictability of the Manchester weather.

He said: “I have currently got three t-shirts on, a jumper and a coat on but I have also got this snug thing to throw over when it starts to get cold at night, so I should be okay.

“There are also five energy drinks and some food in my bag, so I feel prepared for the long wait. 

“It actually hasn’t been too bad and the boredom hasn’t kicked in yet so the time has gone quite fast, but if it does reach that point, then I have brought three books with me.”

The Manchester Metropolitan student has chosen to queue for the exclusive releases over revising for his exams.

Speaking about how the first couple of hours have been for him so far he added: “Piccadilly Records gave me a chair after I was sitting on the floor for just over two hours, which is good hospitality from them.

“I was expecting more people to be here queueing when I got here, so I hope more people start to queue with me to keep it entertaining.

“But it is commitment to the cause, and it will all be worth the wait once I get into the store so I can go home and have a sleep.”

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