Reaction to ‘callous cuts’ will see FIVE THOUSAND descend on Manchester in protest

An anti-austerity march will take place this weekend in Piccadilly Gardens as protestors campaign against governmental cuts to services impacting vulnerable people.

The ‘Stand up to Austerity’ campaign, which began on Facebook, will begin at 12 noon on Saturday and over 5000 people have clicked to confirm their attendance to the event.

Mike Atkinson, one of the organisers, said that this Saturday is the beginning of a ‘community mobilisation’ plan to help the most vulnerable:  “The protest has been organised in response to the callous cuts which have taken place over the past five years of government and are planned to continue over the next five years.

“These austerity measures are not unique to one party, and it seems that there is no way out for society’s most vulnerable. This is why we have decided to take action. No longer can we get on our hands and knees and beg the establishment for pittance.

“We as communities, we as people, must act together to combat these measures – measures which may not directly affect us but will affect people around us – vulnerable people with no chance of fighting back on their own.

“We want to provide a way that people and communities can work together to mobilise and help one another.”

The march follows similar protests in London and Swansea, where hundreds of people marched with placards demanding a halt to the planned £13bn in cuts. 

There have also been similar protests in the city over the last month as a court injunction granted Manchester Town Hall the right to move a group of anti-cut protesters out of Albert Square.

Attendees are encouraged to bring provisions for Manchester’s homeless population, including food, health products such as sanitary towels and blankets. 

Image courtesy of Occupy MCR, with thanks

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