VIDEO: Watch brutal assault of jailed bare-chested thug who jumped former friend outside Hyde shop

A Tameside thug has been jailed for five years after being convicted of an assault outside a shop in Hyde.

Daniel Browne was found guilty of a section 18 assault after sickening CCTV footage showed him brutally bombarded his victim with kicks and punches on July 13 last year.

The 28-year-old victim had been at a barbeque with friends and was purchasing alcohol from a shop on Acresfield Road before bare-chested Browne approached him and proceeded to attack him.

Detective Constable Wayne Marshall said: “For a reason only known to Browne he decided to attack a man who used to be his friend.”

“He delivered a sustained assault, punching and kicking him with such force that he suffered a depressed fracture underneath his eye socket. This was obviously very painful and required surgery.”

Browne, who has a removals business, denied allegations of causing grievous bodily harm with intent but was found guilty following his trial, he was prosecuted and was sentenced to five years in prison and police have now released footage of the incident.

The CCTV footage shows clearly Browne, 24, punching his victim before wrestling him to the ground and savagely kicking his head.

Onlookers attempted to break up the attack and Browne subsequently fled the scene.

JAILED: Daniel Browne was handed five years in prison for the attack

However, the victim suffered no long-term damage and has undergone surgery for a fractured cheekbone.

Referring to the sentence, Detective Constable Marshall said: “Now Browne will be spending time behind bars and will have a lot of time to think about the unnecessary pain he caused that evening.” 

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