Davyhulme incinerator decision slammed by campaign group as government’s ‘hidden agenda’

By Steven Brown

A Manchester MP has slammed the government’s ‘thoughtless’ decision to give the go-ahead for the Davyhulme incinerator  – and a campaign group believe it demonstrates a ‘hidden agenda’.

Kate Green, MP for Stretford & Urmston, is challenging the government’s proposal to remove the rule for local authorities to report air quality figures and potential associated health risks.

Communities Minister Eric Pickles has given the go-ahead for the Barton Renewable Energy Plant (BREP) in Davyhulme which will burn waste wood along with industrial and commercial waste.

The proposed incinerator would be next to the M60 Air Quality Management Area, where levels of air pollutants are already higher than that safety standard.

Ms Green said: “As with the government’s thoughtless decision to give permission for an incinerator at Davyhulme these latest proposals show that the government completely overlooks Trafford residents’ right to breathe clean air.

“Air pollution causes 29,000 early deaths each year in the UK, more than obesity and alcohol combined, but instead of sorting it out ministers want to stop anyone knowing how bad the pollution is.”

Chairman of Manchester residential campaign group, Breathe Clean Air Group, Pete Kilvert told MM: “As more evidence comes to light about the dangers of biomass and incineration in general the more likely it is for the government to change its mind about using biomass as a source for producing electricity.

“This government has a hidden agenda – how can burning wood be economic? It produces less energy and much more carbon dioxide than coal or gas.

“Currently legislation does not protect communities it allows polluting industries to pollute people. When MPs realise that they are being taken for a ride over biomass, they may decide to ban it.”

When discussing the opposed Davyhulme incinerator plans Mr Kilvert revealed he wasn’t shocked by the Communities Minister’s decision.

He added: “We are disappointed, but not surprised at Eric Pickles’ decision.

“The government says that wood into landfill decays and produces methane which is 21 times worse than carbon dioxide for global warming – the government’s facts don’t add up.

“BREP should not be built anywhere. It’s not safe for communities or planet Earth.”

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Picture courtesy of Department for Communities and Local Government via Flickr, with thanks

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