Charity is sweet! Manchester buzzing as The Printworks’ honey set to fly off the shelf

The Printworks will be selling hundreds of jars of Manchester’s finest ‘live from the hive’ honey as they celebrate their second annual harvest to raise money for two Manchester charities.

There’s no housing problem for bees situated in an eco-garden on the rooftop of The Printworks which hosts four hives, housing 320,000 bees in total.

The Hard Rock Café will be hosting the event on the tomorrow, October 22, from 6pm to 8pm and over a third of the 213 #LiveFromTheHive honey jars have been pre-ordered.

The Printworks centre director, Fred Booth, is proud of it’s eco-garden and said: “The rooftop garden and its produce has gone from strength to strength.

“We are sure that its success will continue for many years.”

In addition to the hives, the eco-garden is also housing six chickens and around 100 common ground beetles, among wild flowers, an orchard and a herb garden.

The bee keeping is a hands-on affair which sees three qualified Apiarists tending to the bees on a weekly basis.

Canon, Adrian Rhodes, a fully qualified beekeeper who manages the hives on the Manchester Cathedral roof, also assists on a weekly and on-call basis.

Emma Livingstone, sales and marketing manager of Hard Rock Café said ‘everyone has put in hard work’ and spent the last 12 months caring for the bees.

She said: “We are delighted that the honey harvest has gone so well.

“We hope that the hives continue to thrive and that we can keep using the honey to help local charities.”

The charity Forever Manchester supports grassroots community projects across Greater Manchester in every neighbourhood.

The Booth Centre is a day centre that offers activities, advice and support to homeless people in Manchester.

Last year’s harvest was graded ‘exceptional’ by the Manchester District Beekeepers Association.

‘Mancsy’ signed 30 jars last year that went for £75 each to keen collectors. This year jar number 15 has been signed by the artist and is up for auction.

Jar number 15 was chosen to celebrate 15 years of The Printworks and The Hard Rock Café Manchester creating a buzz in the city.

Tickets for the event are £20 each and include a 12oz jar of honey, a welcome drink and a selection of canapés.

All of the money raised by the sales of the honey, which is £10 a jar, will go to Forever Manchester and The Booth Centre.

To purchase tickets for the honey launch event or to place an order, please contact Emma Livingstone and Jack Burton on 0161 831 6700.

Image courtesy of Daniela, with thanks.

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