‘Utterly disgraceful’: Man on crutches forced to sit on Metrolink floor as spare seat occupied by SUITCASE

A commuter who left a fellow passenger on crutches to sit on the floor of a Metrolink tram so that he didn’t have to move his luggage has been slammed as ‘utterly disgraceful’.

A photo, which surfaced on popular social networking website Reddit, revealed a spare seat was being taken up by another man’s suitcase right in front of him. 

Meanwhile, a man on crutches was forced to squat on the floor, holding his crutches next to him, as the seated man casually read his paper.

Online persona The Norton of Morton, who follows a gentlemanly existence where he celebrates good manners and decency, was angered by the image. 

“I think it is utterly disgraceful,” he told MM. 

“Far too often, people hide behind their headphones, newspapers and mobile communication devices rather than be well-mannered and kind.

“My beloved experienced this herself when heavily pregnant. She was forced to stand at the front of the bus almost every day while people ignored her delicate condition and stayed firmly in their seats.

“I’m finding it’s not just a generational thing, unfortunately. My beloved fell over at the bottom of an escalator when she was close to her due date and an elderly man ignored her plight and stepped over her.”

‘UTTERLY DISGRACEFUL’:The man casually reads a paper blocking the spare seat as the man on crutches forced to squat on the floor

The original poster of the picture said: “Normally I would speak up, but I don’t wanna be fighting the guy’s battles for him and embarrassing the guy. He looks capable.

“Although how people can be blatantly unaware of how antisocial they’re being is still beyond me.”

Metrolink’s website states: “Some seats are reserved for those with mobility or other difficulties, including parents with small children. Please be considerate if the need arises.” 

Other Metrolink users were also outraged about the lack of manners when the picture was showed to them.

Joyce Polly, a 70-year-old from Mottram, said: “It’s disgusting. It happens all the time. The world has changed, it’s gone the other way now.

“This would never happened in my day, but still, there are some people good about.”

Sarah Gilroy, a 24-year-old office worker from Manchester, said: “If you are on public transport and you sit on the outside seat and allow people to stand, it is rude. But people are rude.

“If you are not offered at seat and want to sit down you should ask the other passenger to move up.”

Annabelle Hall, a 19 year-old nursery worker from Bury, said: “It’s disgusting, but it happens often. I’d never do that to someone. When it’s busy I always give my seat up to someone who needs it more than me.”

Jake Hall, an 18-year-old student from Manchester, said: “It doesn’t take much to stand up and give someone your seat. It probably happens more than it should. Years ago, people would have been more polite and you wouldn’t have even thought to ask about standing up.”

Calvin Johnson, a 25-year-old electrician from Altrincham, said: “People should be looking out for each other in this day and age. But perhaps the person sitting down didn’t notice the guy on crutches.”

Image courtesy of Hyperactive Toast, with thanks.

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