MM appeal: Can you reunite girl, 6, with drawing of dead brother – stolen from family?

MM are appealing for the return of a six-year-old’s drawing of her dead brother – lost when her uncle’s wallet was snatched on a night out in Manchester.

We ask anyone with any information of its whereabouts to speak to us anonymously so that we can reunite Liam Baker and his family with the ‘priceless’ picture.

Student Liam was out at 42nd Street Nightclub on Bootle Street on Tuesday when he felt someone take the wallet from his back pocket at around 2am.

The drawing, by his six-year-old niece Paris, depicted her brother Harry on a cloud above the rest of the family. Harry tragically died of a blood clot at the age of just four.

While Liam doesn’t care about the wallet, he is desperate to see the drawing returned to him and his family.

Liam told MM: “Unfortunately we lost my four-year-old nephew in June to a blood clot, which was completely out of the blue. In the coming months after that, my niece, who is only six years old, was confused about what was going on. One day she drew that picture for me and it really does mean a lot.”

MM are backing Liam’s search for the picture and are appealing to the conscience of whoever stole the wallet to please return it.

If you come across the drawing and are unsure what to do with it, you can anonymously return it to MM – and we will ensure Liam is reunited with it.

You can send it in the post, anonymously, to Mancunian Matters.

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