The three trendiest areas to live in Manchester

We all consider our own corner of Greater Manchester, be that the place we were born or grew up in, to be the best.

That attachment we feel to our own neck of the woods can never be broken, but as we grow older we get the opportunity to explore the wider world.

And while our adventures may take us far beyond the confines of the North West, and beyond the UK and Europe, we think Manchester still holds its own as one of the world’s hippest cities, be that for its music, nightlife, or culture.

Of course, times change and trends disappear as quickly as they arrive. But, as we head into a new decade, which are the areas of Manchester that are truly the most in vogue? In no particular order, here’s our 2020 guide to the trendiest areas to live in Manchester.

West Didsbury Once the domain of the student, West Didsbury has enjoyed an evolution during the last ten years that’s helped it establish an identity no longer defined by university lodgers.

That evolution has seen an explosion in the number of bars and restaurants opening, alongside a string of lively delis and bars that have helped create an environment that’s as vibrant during the day as it is at night.

West Didsbury has gradually replaced parts of its student population with young professionals making their way in the city. This makes it a great option for first-time buyers in a position to make an investment with their first purchase.

A mortgage broker can help you investigate that potential, with many services being tailor-made, regarding simplicity, for inexperienced and first-time buyers. But be quick, as it’s an up and coming area! The Northern Quarter

A short walk from the city centre, the Northern Quarter has retained its position as one of Manchester’s trendiest spots for generations.

The district has undergone plenty of changes in recent years, but retains all of the character that made it so popular in the first place. NQ is a true urban creative hub, home to independent record shops, clothing boutiques and no shortage of cafés and restaurants.

There’s plenty to distract you after sunset, too, from Odd Bar and its excellent array of beers to the trendy Mint Lounge, where the only requirement is that you remember you dancing shoes.

All of this and more makes the Northern Quarter a true bohemian paradise and an undeniably trendy place to live.

Ancoats Just next door to the Northern Quarter is Ancoats, which boasts a similarly eclectic range of independent shops and bars, and has undergone its own urban makeover during the last 30 years, building on the area’s heritage as one of the hubs of industrial revolution.

Last year, Ancoats was named the 13th coolest neighbourhood in the world by Time Out magazine, and is beloved to Mancunians for its community spirit, augmented by a trendy quirkiness that has helped define what it means to be a young person living in the city.

Restaurants like Rudys and Nam offer first-class culinary experiences, while bars like the Jane Eyre and Seven Brothers promise a friendly welcome, whether you live around the corner, the other side of the world.

Image courtesy of Phil Fiddyment via Flickr, with thanks.

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