Baron to bankrupt: Jailed drug dealing tycoon who boasted he was ‘too busy to kill’ slapped with £230,000 bill

By Chris Bailey

A drug dealing overlord who was jailed after boasting about his empire in a murder trial is being ordered to cough up nearly a quarter of a million pounds.

Milad Finn, 25, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to six years in prison for evidence he gave to be acquitted of the murder of Junaid Khan – claiming he was too busy dealing drugs to kill.

He pocketed more than £750,000 illegally during his criminal days, starting to deal drugs as a 15-year-old while making just £529 in legitimate income.

Finn’s seized wealth includes a Mercedes Benz and a Rolex, but a judge has now ordered him to turn over a further £232,000 after a financial investigation revealed hidden assets.

If he does not comply, he will spend an additional 28 months in prison.

Detective Constable Mark Chesters, of GMP’s Financial Investigation Unit, said: “We continue to show that crime does not pay.

“You might enjoy the trappings of criminality for a short while, but ultimately you can expect to have everything – including your liberty – taken away.”

The police managed to pin down Finn after obtaining the court transcripts in his murder trial.

The hapless criminal revealed all – detailing he had first dealt heroin and crack cocaine on behalf of someone else before setting up his own drug empire.

As his orders grew, Finn told the court he imported large quantities of caffeine and Benzocaine to act as mixing agents from China as well as sourcing similar products from within the UK.

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