RSPCA issue SOS call after revealing Manchester and Salford branch could close due to downturn in donations

Exclusive by Richard Mellor

An animal rescue centre in Manchester is facing closure due to lack of funds – and is calling on the community to get involved if they want to see it stay open.

The RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch may close by the end of the year if it doesn’t see an upturn in income.

The branch has seen a downturn in both donations and adoptions in the last quarter, meaning running costs have increased.

However, recent money raising success has come following a vinyl record sale at their Didsbury shop on Saturday.

RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch Manager Susie Hughes said: “We’re in a situation where we have to raise £10,000 or save £10,000 or somewhere in between.

 “Cutting back is essential but we need to improve shop sales because they make a big difference – all our shops have seen a significant decrease in incomes in the past quarter.

“We pay to board our animals on daily basis – boarding costs and veterinary costs are a lot.

“We don’t choose who we take into our care, we take whoever we need to take in and that comes with cost. “

The branch celebrates its 50th anniversary in December but with just three months left of running reserves, closure seems to be looming.

This year there have even been ventures into selling on eBay and opening their own online pet shop to raise as much cash as possible.

“There isn’t one simple answer to solve this problem – it’s a massive combination of things,” Ms Hughes said.

“People are super, super skint themselves so they can’t afford luxury of charities.”

Another problem is members of the public who contact them for the wrong reasons.

People call to inform them of stray dogs but very few people know that there every council can provide a stray dog warden– this wastes both time and money.

The Manchester and Salford branch has planned plenty of fundraising events in the upcoming few weeks and there is hope that the reliable British weather will boost the charity.

In the last couple of weeks the branch has seen an upturn, with the good weather having helped.

They have put together a comprehensive fundraising programme within the next few weeks and they have plenty more planned.

Upcoming dates to remember include two micro chipping events and two collections in Asda in Wythenshawe this week.

And RSPCA week, which commences a week today, will hope to raise even more to prevent the store’s closure.

With the hope that the store will remain open through the summer, the branch has also planned a Zip slide challenge on October 13.

It gives 50 people the chance to zip wire from the Imperial War Museum’s Air Shard over the Manchester Ship Canal and land at The Lowry Hotel – there are now bookings for 50 people being taken.

Ms Hughes added: “We’re not the only branch in this situation.

“We will do all we absolutely can to prevent closure – we’ve been really enheartened by people’s reactions and we’re very hopeful we can get through this.”

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