Newspapers run ads advising Jimmy Savile sex abuse victims on how to claim up to £60,000

Adverts encouraging victims of Jimmy Savile to seek up to £60,000 in compensation for their sexual abuse have appeared in newspapers today.

Savile, who died in October 2011 aged 84, has various links to Manchester having worked at the BBC in the city and at various nightspots.

In February the High Court approved a compensation scheme of more than £3million for Savile’s victims to be able to claim.

Victims will be able to make claims against the Savile estate, the BBC and the NHS with payments capped at £60,000 each.

The adverts have appeared in The Times and Daily Mirror, some local newspapers, as well as papers on the Channel Islands, which Savile used to visit.

The adverts advise people who wish to make a claim for sexual assault by Savile  to do so within the next six weeks, before June 3.

The claim scheme will be open for a year, within which time it is hoped all claims will be paid, the adverts say.

Lawyers initially put the value of Savile’s estate at around £4million, but the current value is believed to be about £3.3million.

Solicitors representing alleged victims have said the scheme will not guarantee pay-outs but will provide a framework within which claims can be analysed.

The claims will be scrutinised with lawyers acting for the estate and for the claimants.

Alison Millar, of the law firm Leigh Day, told BBC Radio 5 Live victims would have to provide credible evidence of their abuse to be successful in a claim.

She said: “The fact that a compensation scheme has been approved doesn’t mean that this is a guarantee that anyone who comes forward with a potential claim will get a payment.

“You will need some evidence to show that you were in a situation where Savile will have had the opportunity to abuse you.”

The former BBC DJ and presenter of Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, died in October 2011, aged 84, before the sex abuse allegations came to light.

Since his death, around 140 people have come forward claiming to be victims of Savile’s abuse, which took place over a 60-year-period.

A number of hospitals and children’s homes in the Manchester area were targeted by the former BBC entertainer.

North Manchester General Hospital, Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital, Wythenshawe Hospital and the former Booth Hall Children’s Hospital in Blackley have all been linked to allegations of abuse by Savile.

The Leeds-born entertainer was also known to have sexually assaulted people across the country at other locations in Leeds and Stoke.

The Metropolitan Police have recorded more than 200 sexual offences committed by Savile.

In January 2013, a Metropolitan Police report said Savile had been a ‘prolific, predatory sex offender, who was able to ‘hide in plain sight’ while abusing his victims.

A second report said he could have been prosecuted in 2009 if victims had been taken more seriously.

A criminal investigation, Operation Yewtree, was launched in October 2012 and as part of a review by the Met, local authorities are investigating claims he abused children at 21 children’s homes and schools in England.

The NHS is already investigating 33 hospitals’ links with Savile after police passed information to the Department of Health.

Image courtesy of Chris Barker, with thanks.

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