Stretford MP demands answers from transport chiefs after late night bus axe leaves workers stranded

Stretford and Urmston MP Kate Green has demanded answers from Transport for Greater Manchester over the axing of the late night bus services to Flixton.

Local residents contacted Green concerned that the 256 bus service, which runs from Manchester Piccadilly to Flixton, has recently ended its late night services.

The last bus on the route now leaves at 11.10pm, which has inconvenienced Flixton residents who work later shifts in the city centre.

This has left workers having to either pay more than £30 in a taxi to get home, or turn down work due to inadequate public transport.

Green has written to the Chief Executive of Transport for Greater Manchester to express residents’ concerns and ask if anything can be done to reinstate the later bus service.

She said: “I’m very concerned to hear that the late night service on the 256 to Flixton has been cut.

“Many of my constituents are reliant on later bus services to come home after work or social events. It’s not good enough for this service to have been cut leaving residents inconvenienced and out of pocket, if they’ve had to fork out for a taxi back home or turn down shifts at work.

“It’s an especially frustrating situation when people are offered work but have to refuse it because of poor public transport.

“I have written to Transport for Greater Manchester to demand an explanation for the cut to this service and ask what can be done to help residents who have shift work in the city centre late at night.”

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