Burnage pensioner, 81, hoards life savings from age of SEVEN by his bed – only to be swiped by callous thieves

By Katja Stein

A Burnage pensioner’s entire life savings – thousands of pounds he had been amassing since the age of SEVEN – were stolen by a gang of callous thieves from his own home last Monday.

The 81-year-old man was targeted by three men who burgled his home on Glenhurst Road, Green End, where has lived all his life at around 11am on Monday.

 On returning home from a shopping trip, the pensioner discovered the thieves in his home, who when confronted by him claimed that they were ‘from the police’, although the gang were not wearing any uniforms.

The men then pushed the victim out of the way to make their escape, leaving him horrified to discover that his life savings had been stolen.

Detective Constable Lisa McGrane said: “The victim was born in this house and has lived there all his life.

“He is a pillar of this community and since the tender age of seven, has been diligently saving for more than seventy years.

“In the blink of an eye, his entire life savings have been cruelly snatched away and he is quite understandably very shaken and very upset.”

The victim then called the police and an investigation was launched.

It is believed he gang has broken in as there were signs that the lock to the front door had been prised open.

Detective Constable McGrane said:  “So lovely is this man that he is not bitter towards the offenders.

“However, I am sure the entire community who live and work in this area will not be so forgiving and it is very important everyone pulls together to help us find the cowardly offenders responsible for this wicked act and bring them to justice.”

The first man was described as white, about 6ft tall, of a stock build, wearing blue jeans and had an unkempt appearance.

The second and third men were white, about 5ft 6in tall and of a similar appearance.

Police officers are now appealing for anyone who has information to come forward.

Detective Constable McGrane said: “I have no doubt that anyone who is reading or hearing this will have absolute contempt for the men responsible for this disgraceful and shameful burglary.

 “I would also ask people living the area to keep their eye out for anyone who suddenly embarks on a spending spree or starts to buy expensive goods, such as new cars, TVs etc.

“If you are suspicious of someone who appears to come into money unexpectedly, you may be helping us to identify who was responsible for targeting a vulnerable and upstanding member of our community so please come forward with any information you have.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.  

Picture courtesy of Alexander, with thanks.

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