Wine and dine her or a trip to Greggs? Manchester second most generous in north for splashing cash on first dates

By Tim Hyde

Manchester’s single men have been voted the second most generous in the north this week by a dating website.

The survey ranked cities based on the average amount of money males offer to spend on first-dates – which was £154 in Manchester.

Founder of the website Brandon Wade believes that the amount of money spent on first dates reflects the personality of single men in the area.

“The most generous cities are home to the most sincere daters,” said Mr Wade.

“The more a man invests in a first date, the more likely he will not take the opportunity for granted.”

York’s singletons can stake the claim that they spend the most amount on first dates in the north after the survey showed they spend £156 on a first dates.

“When you put your money where your heart is, there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain,” said Mr Wade.

“Men in these major cities realise that if there is chemistry, then the generosity paid off. If not, then at least she did not leave empty-handed.”

We took to the streets of Piccadilly to find out the best and worst Manchester daters had been subjected to – and how much they were likely to cough up on a first date.

Tom Hall, 24, a retail manager from Salford, said: “I usually do make an effort for dates, I like to show them a good time, which sometimes can mean spending a bit of money, but if you meet someone you fall in love with, it’s all worth it.”

A 21 year-old student from Bury, Jess Foxford said: “The worst date I was ever taken on was to Gregg’s, let me tell you that relationship didn’t last long.

“Although my last boyfriend wined and dined me at a posh Italian- which I really enjoyed- I think first impressions are vital and taking some where nice and spending money on them shows them that you care.”

Ben Crook, 23, and accountant from Altrincham, said: “I would usually arrange a mutual meeting at a coffee shop before going on a proper date.

“But how much you spend definitely depends on the quality of the girl, I would say £154 is a lot to spend on a date.

“Although in the past I have racked up a huge bar bill when on a date.”

Many single Mancunian’s were very honest in saying that they spent less than half the sum had discovered.

“I wouldn’t ever spend that much on a date,” said Jack Smythe, 27, a plasterer from Didsbury.

“I don’t know where people must go on these dates to end up blowing £154! The women I date would be lucky if they got close to £60.”

Picture courtesy of Emiliano de Laurentiis, with thanks.

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