Nitrous oxide investigation: Three Bolton clubbers hospitalised after inhaling ‘laughing gas’

A bad reaction to ‘laughing gas’ saw three Bolton clubbers hospitalised over the weekend, police claim.

Two men and a woman were admitted to the Royal Bolton Hospital after reportedlyinhaling nitrous oxide and were said to be ‘recovering well’.

Greater Manchester Police, who were called to the hospital at 04:00 BST, said the three had been at the La Spatule club in Bradshawgate,.

Inspector Graham Neild said: “We are still investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident and exactly what these three people have ingested that caused them to fall ill and require hospital treatment. 

“Our initial inquiries have established they may have inhaled nitrous oxide but this is still subject to investigation.”

Nitrous oxide, inhaled from a balloon, gives users a sense of euphoria that lasts a short time.

Health risks include the body being deprived of oxygen as the gas displaces air in the lungs.

Other side effects can include nausea, vomiting, and occasionally convulsions.

Inspector Neild added: “I do not want to speculate or get into a wider debate about legal highs and the dangers of taking such substances. My main focus is to ensure there aren’t any other people who have either inhaled or ingested whatever these people have taken and have not yet sought medical attention as they could be at risk.

“If you were in this club and you did take something, then please seek the appropriate medical advice and treatment as soon as possible.” 

Earlier in the summer, the Home Office urged music festivals to crack down on its use.

Minister for Crime Prevention Norman Baker wrote to festival organisers warning of its potential dangers.

It is illegal to sell the gas to under-18s if it is expected they will ingest it to become intoxicated – and people have died following reactions to the gas.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.

Image courtesy of Jvove, with thanks.

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