That eye test could save your sight, warns Manchester specialist for National Eye Health Week

Regular eye tests can save you from going blind, according to Manchester’s Royal Eye Hospital.

This vital sense plays an essential part in everyday life. However, lack of sufficient care and poor lifestyle choices today, may result in future sight problems and even blindness.

In preparation for National Eye Health Week, which begins today, the Royal Eye Hospital is educating the public on the importance of maintaining good eye health.

Dan Nolan, a consultant ophthalmic Surgeon encouraged the public to get their eyes tested, said: “Eye tests are needed in order to detect eye conditions. Early detection can lead to one’s sight being saved.” 

Derek Williams, a patient at the Withington Cataract Centre from Salford, received surgery on Friday that will result in his vision being saved. 

He said: “I came from my appointment last week and had my first operation today. I am looking forward to having improved eye sight as a result of that eye test.”

In highlighting some things to avoid, Mr. Nolan, pinpointed smoking as a harmful lifestyle choice that could have detrimental effects on one’s vision. 

He said: “There is a direct link between smoking and macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness in the western world.”

Reshma Thampy, eye specialist registrar also cited the importance of a balanced diet as a promoter for good health. 

She said: “A healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables is ideal.  It should be as colourful as possible containing red and green peppers and kale.”

The specialists also encouraged the public to implement regular exercise into their lives as an additional method of maintaining good eye health. 

Manchester’s Royal Eye Hospital, which will celebrate its Bicentenary on October 21, will be holding an information stand is in the Atrium of the Eye Hospital throughout National Eye Awareness Week.

The stall will be packed with advice and tips on looking after your eyes, particularly focussing on age related macular degeneration (ARMD).

Patients, visitors and staff can find out how to aid their eye health such as healthy eating, smoking cessation and vitamin supplements.

A representative from Henshaws Society for Blind People will also be available to chat to visitors at points during the week.

The stand will be open between 10am-2pm until Friday.

Image courtesy of Sam Bald, with thanks.

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