‘The only safe amount to drink is nothing at all’: Manchester police launch campaign to warn drink drivers

By Tom Belger

A crash car and driving simulator are being used as part of Greater Manchester Police’s new drink-driving campaign which was launched yesterday at MediaCity.

The campaign named ‘None for the Road’ has seen GMP team up with Drivesafe, Stockport Road Safety Unit, Salford Council Road Safety Team and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service in an attempt to raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving.

Inspector Matt Bailey-Smith from the Serious Collision Unit highlighted the Christmas period as a particularly busy period for his team and hopes the campaign will put people off being tempted to chance their luck.

“The only safe amount to drink is nothing at all. It really isn’t worth risking your life or that of others for the sake of a pint,” said Inspector Bailey-Smith

“We are out day in, day out tackling this problem but at Christmas we see more drink-drivers than at any other time of the year.

“The consequences of drink driving are catastrophic and no police officer wants to be knocking on a door during the festive period to tell them their loved one has died.”

Last year alcohol was behind 336 collisions and out of these five people lost their lives while 66 were seriously injured.

Councillor David Lancaster, Deputy Mayor at Salford City Council, said:  “For a few drinks it really isn’t worth driving and putting lives in danger – including your own.

“Nobody wants to spend a night in the cells after an accident with a serious casualty or death on their conscience.

“We want to make the roads in Salford as safe as possible and will continue to spread the ‘None for the Road’ message. Drink driving is a gamble not worth taking.”

‘None for the Road’ is also going to see police breathalyse more motorists after last year’s campaign saw 464 drivers out of 11,230 testing positive or refusing to take the test.

Inspector Bailey-Smith also told motorists to bear in mind they could still be over the limit the following morning even though they might feel fine.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jim Battle, hopes the campaign will allow people to enjoy the Christmas period without putting others at risk.

“The festive season is a time to enjoy but we all have to behave responsibly,” Mr Battle said

“Through this campaign we want to drill this message home to drivers across Greater Manchester to make our roads safer so everyone can have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year.”

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