General Election 2019: Meet the Stalybridge and Hyde candidates

Jonathan Reynolds, Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow treasury minister, won his third election in a row in 2017, increasing his vote by 12.2%. This has been Labour since 1945 and is usually as safe as it gets.

This article was updated on December 8.

However, as a constituency that voted nearly 60% leave and flirted with UKIP in 2015 this seat could be well within Boris Johnson’s sights to get that elusive majority.

Tayub Amjad – Conservative

Tayub Amjad is an entrepreneur who worked on the original Vote Leave campaign in 2016 and is another Conservative candidate determined to ‘get Brexit done’. He is also campaigning to protect the greenspace around the area which is seen to be under threat from Andy Burnham’s Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Jamie Dwan – Liberal Democrats

Jamie Dwan is a 20-year-old Politics student at the University of Manchester determined to stop Brexit as he believes Tameside will be hit by Brexit harder than most places. The Lib Dem’s won less than 1,000 votes in the last election but will be hoping an unlikely anti-Brexit swing to vote them in.

John Edge – The Liberal Party

This is the first time the Liberal Party is standing in this seat in recent times purveying themselves as the real liberal party away from the Liberal Democrats.

Julian Newton – The Brexit Party

Julian Newton is standing in this constituency which voted nearly 60% leave. UKIP achieved nearly 20% of the vote in 2015 highlighting that the Brexit party may have a chance in this seat. Newton is committed to ensuring that Climate Change is on top of the political agenda and Brexit is delivered.

Jonathan Reynolds – Labour and Co-op

Jonathan Reynolds is the shadow treasury ministry and has been the MP for Stalybridge and Hyde since 2010. Reynolds has voted numerous times with Labour against Conservative Brexit policies in Parliament and is an avid supporter of Labour party policies as a whole.

Julie Wood – Green Party

The Green Party have stood a candidate in every election since 2010, beating the Liberal Democrats in 2015. Julie Wood is standing on a platform of a more equal society, a fairer more stable economy, and ecological sustainability.

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