General Election 2019: Meet the Stockport candidates

Labour’s Ann Coffey won the seat in 2017 with a 34.9% majority, with 26,282 votes, up 13.4% from the previous election in 2017.

This article was updated on December 9.

The constituency voted 52.3% to remain in the 2016 referendum, signalling that Brexit will play a big part in the election this time around.

The constituency was held by Labour’s Ann Coffey since 1992, but will have a new Member of Parliament after she resigned earlier this year to form Change UK.

Helena Mellish – Green

A Stockport resident since 2011, Helena Mellish replaced Gary Lawson as the Green candidate. Mellish studied politics at Hull University, graduating in 2010 and owns two cats and four chickens. The Greens got 1.4% of the vote in the last election in 2017.


Isy Imarni – Conservative

Isy Imarni replaced Daniel Hamilton as the Conservative candidate and has experience in local politics, currently serving as a Borough Councillor for Gadebridge. Imarni is one of the 20 delegates on the Conservative’s Christian development programme and will be looking to close the 34.9% gap from labour in the 2017 election.

Lee Montague-Trenchard – The Brexit Party

Lee Montague-Trenchard is the Brexit Party candidate for Stockport. This is the first general election for The Brexit Party, but they got the second highest vote tally in the 2019 European elections with 28.3% of the vote.

Navendu Mishra – Labour

Navendu Mishra replaced Ann Coffey as the Labour candidate after she stepped down in protest of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. With the backing of Momentum, Mishra is a candidate very much in the mould of his party’s leader and will be looking for a comfortable victory in the town he calls home.

He previously ran in 2017 in the Hazel Grove constituency coming third with 20.5% of the vote.


Wendy Meikle – Liberal Democrat

Wendy Meikle, a Councillor in Offerton since 2010, replaced Daniel Hawthorne as the Liberal Democrats candidate. She is Chair of the Children & Families Scrutiny Committee and will be looking to capitalise on her party winning the 2019 European Elections in Stockport with 29.3% of the vote.


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