‘It’s like a flying saucer’: Mancunians sound off as Beetham Tower HUMS from the winds of Storm Doris

Mancunians have been sounding off on the strange noise once again coming from Beetham Tower.

The skyscraper – the largest in Manchester – has been emitting an echoing hum as the city has been battered by Storm Doris today.

It’s a sound so distinct that people haven’t been able to help but notice it – and many have amusingly reacted on Twitter.

The general consensus is that the squealing sounds like the arrival of a UFO.



One social media wrote: “I can hear the notorious whistling of the Beetham Tower for the first time today. It sounds like a flying saucer #Manchester #StormDoris.”

Another added: “Sounds like war of the worlds is happening outside… oh no wait, it’s just Beetham Tower.”

While a third chimed in: “Never heard the sound Beetham Tower makes in the wind before…it was entertaining for approximately 0.856 seconds…”

A fourth simply concluded: “Beetham Tower is making v unsettling noises today.”



Meanwhile, others couldn’t resist making light of the fact that the 554ft structure has been annoying so many people in the city centre.

One person tweeted: “@Some hipster needs to record the sound beetham tower makes in the wind & make an Edm song.”

While a second tweeted: “I bet Beetham Tower is moaning like a b**ch today!”

Beetham Tower became the UK’s tallest building outside of London upon being opened in 2006.

All in all, the lavish 47-floor skyscraper cost £150m to make.

Back in 2012, architect Ian Simpson issued an apology after the mammoth structure kept residents awake during a particularly windy night in the city centre.

“I am completely aware of the noise because I live at the top of the building,” he told the MEN.

He continued: “I would like to apologise for that and we are looking to address it so that next year we don’t have the same problem.”

While the howling noise hasn’t subsided since that point, a parody account – called ‘Angry Beetham Tower’ – has since been activated on Twitter to poke fun at the design flaw.

It currently boasts 1,945 followers and has been particularly active over the past 24hours following the arrival of Storm Doris and its 80mph winds.

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