The Conspiracy Crushers podcast Episode 2: Vaccine conspiracy theories

The Conspiracy Crushers

Welcome to The Conspiracy Crushers podcast, a podcast about all the conspiracy theories that make scientists mad. I’m your host Sally Best, Environmental Biologist and Scientific Journalist. Throughout this series I will explore the world of science conspiracies, myths and common misconceptions with a range of different guests from the scientific community. This podcast aims to debunk some common false theories through the use of science and evidence. In doing so I hope to bridge the divide between science and the public and to increase understanding of scientific discovery and research. Please be sure to get in touch if you have any science conspiracy theories you think we should discuss and debunk.

The Conspiracy Crushers Episode 2: Debunking vaccine conspiracy theories

Part 1/2 In this episode I am joined by science academic Austin Elliot, from the University of Manchester to discuss the topic of vaccine conspiracy theories and the anti-vaccination movement. We explore examples of vaccine conspiracy theories and why they may arise. With vaccine conspiracy being such a prevalent topic at the moment, it is hoped that addressing concerns about safety and efficacy will debunk any disinformation that is being circulated.

Part 2/2 Austin and I continue with the topic of vaccine conspiracy theories, as we hone in on debunking any conspiracy around the MMR vaccine. We discuss how the dangerous narrative around the MMR vaccine arose, and reveal how this was later disproved. Our take home message is vaccines are safe! As usual, please leave any comments for science conspiracy theories you think would be good to discuss.

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