St George’s Day: We ask Manchester who you vote as greatest ever Englishman

It’s time to dust down the bunting and dig out your favourite England shirt – Saturday is St George’s Day.

To commemorate, MM took to Piccadilly Gardens to discover who the city’s residents would nominate as their favourite ever English person.

There were a variety of interesting responses – from Noel Gallagher to Clement Attlee, Joe Hart to Sir Cliff Richard, and we caught several on camera.

St George’s Day marks the day when the patron saint of England supposedly slayed a terrifying dragon to rescue a damsel in distress.

England is not the only nation that celebrates the day, with St George also the patron of multiple other countries, including Germany, Lithuania and Ethiopia.

While the story of St George is doubtful in its truthfulness, it’s still a fine excuse to celebrate the many men and women that have helped make this country great.

Image courtesy of Doug Wheller and Eva Rinaldi, via Wikipedia, with thanks

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