Bolton council elections 2014 round-up: UKIP storm two seats while snatching second in 12… but Labour cling on

The UK Independence Party took its first council seats in Greater Manchester last night – snatching two seats in Bolton.

UKIP also gave Labour a scare across many of Bolton’s hotly-contested seats – placing a second 12 times.

However Labour retained control with 40 seats, Tories 15, Lib Dems three and finally UKIP’s two.

As the count unfolded, the hall was awash with worried-looking Labour candidates – even those in seats that had been solid for decades.

Ensure you follow MM’s live blog of all the results across Greater Manchester here.

PUTTING PEN TO PAPER: Bolton’s voting station

The first UKIP victory was in the Labour seat of Little Lever and Darcy Lever where Paul Richardson secured a majority of 204 over sitting councilor Maureen Connell.

The announcement of the result brought one of the biggest cheers of the night as UKIP party workers leapt with joy.

UKIP’s first Greater Manchester councillor looked almost surprised that he had managed to top the vote.

GOOD JOB: Labour councillor Martin Donaghy (second left) congratulates colleague Nick Peel

Mr Richardson told MM: “It feels like we have broken through a logjam. We provided an alternative vote for the people. We will do a little more listening than the other parties.”

Asked whether in the light of recent polling results he had expected to win, Mr Richardson said: “I did not allow myself to be complacent. My view is you have to build a base in local elections to be successful nationally. The campaign for the general election starts tomorrow.”

Shortly afterwards the axe fell in Hulton, where deputy Tory Leader Andy Morgan, was beaten by just 141 votes by Diane Parkinson.

She said: “It is fantastic for UKIP. We had a great team.

“I expect this result will be reflected in the European elections and we should do quite well. I think it is time for a change.”

These two gains were to be UKIP’s only success of the night, but there were some very concerned faces among Labour Party members as they watched the UKIP ballot papers piling up next to their own.

VICTORY: Akhtar Zamana (middle) received 2260 votes to comfortable give Labour a seat in Halliwell

From midnight onwards rumours circulated that the Lib Dems could face losing their only ward in Bolton – Smithills.

Despite clinging to the seat, the Lib Dems saw their strength elsewhere decimated.

While previously enjoying runner-up positions behind either Labour or the Tories, their best results across Bolton came only with fourth and fifth places.

Rock-solid Labour seats like Tonge with The Haulgh and Farnworth were said ‘to be too close to call’ earlier in the evening.

REACHING FOR THE TOP: Kevin McKeon (middle) claims another victory for Labour in Horwich North East 

There were even rumours ex-Tory leader John Walsh may lose the normally safe Astley Bridge ward – however these fears proved unfounded.

Enjoying third place in Astley Bridge, UKIP’s candidate Harry Lamb said: “They are voting for us because they do not trust other politicians.”

Some Labour party activists attributed the success of UKIP to the mistake the government had made in holding the local and European elections on the same day.

“It could be a difficult night,” Labour Cllr Harkin told MM. “The government made a fundamental mistake conflating the two elections which has let UKIP contest the locals even though they have no local policies.”

But this was not a view shared by Jeff Armstrong, UKIP candidate in Farnworth, who said: “People want a change. I know of some people who were not voting in the European Election but still voted in the local – so they are voting on local issues.”

As it turned out the main parties avoided any further losses.

Relived to retain his own seat in Tonge with The Haulgh, executive committee member Nick Peel said: “I am delighted to be re-elected. It is a good ward to serve.

“There has been a rise in support for UKIP and the Labour Party nationally needs to address these issues.”

These thoughts were echoed by Bolton North East MP David Crausby, who said: “Well, it has been a strange night.

“UKIP have clearly taken votes from Labour and the Conservatives, winning one seat from each of us and the main parties have got to address this.”

At the end of a very long night – the count not being completed until almost 4.00am – the Leader of the council, Cliff Morris said: “I am happy overall with the result, but sad to lose a very good councillor. We kept UKIP at bay.”

They did keep UKIP at bay, but only just.

Elsewhere, Labour maintained both seats in Horwich and Blackrod.

Turnout for the elections this year in some areas has seen an increase from last time as Heaton and Lostock had a 44% turnout, as did Smithhills.

Horwich and Blackrod had 35%, Horwich North East 37% and Westhoughton North 38%.

Astley Bridge (Conservative hold)

John Walsh, CON 1481

Stuart Murray, LAB 1279

Harry Lamb, UKIP 1039

Ben Deed, GRN 182

Clive Atty, LD 85


Bradshaw (Conservative hold)

Mudasir Dean, CON 1585

Arthur Norris, UKIP 932

Paul Fitzpatrick, LAB 786

Gaby McDowall, LD 172

Daniel Bolton, GRN 150


Breightmet (Labour hold)

Lynda Byrne, LAB 1490

Kathleen Kavanagh, UKIP 1217

Clare Heyes, CON 577

Laura Diggle, GRN 115

Stephen Howarth, LD 51


Bromley Cross (Conservative hold)

David Greenhalgh, CON 2312

Colette Harkin, LAB 957

Lynda Rosewell, UKIP 878

Chris Atty, LD 169


Crompton (Labour hold)

Sufrana Bashir-Ismail, LAB 2363

George Bown, UKIP 826

Ryan Haslam, CON 456

Anne Warren, LD 148

Pam Humphreys, IND 121


Farnworth (Labour hold)

Noel Spencer, LAB 1454

Jeff Armstrong, UKIP 1108

Aidan Meagan, CON 211

Trevor Bonfield, GRN 115

Doug Bagnall, LD 73


Great Lever (Labour hold)

Mohammed Ayub, LAB 2420

Dot Sexton, UKIP 505

Jay Patel, CON 338

David Collins, GRN 127

Rebekah Fairhurst, LD 64

Joseph Holt, IND 54


Halliwell (Labour hold)

Akhtar Zaman, LAB 2260

Leo Taylor, UKIP 607

Jolyon Coombs, CON 223

Ian McHugh, GRN 173

Francine Godfrey, LD 95

Andrew McKenzie, IND 42


Harper Green (Labour hold)

Mike Francis, LAB 1713

Geoff Hamlett, UKIP 726

Rob Tyler, CON 366

Kathy Sykes, GRN 115

Wendy Connor, LD 86


Heaton and Lostock (Conservative hold)

Colin Shaw, CON 2237

John Gillatt, LAB 1154

Stephen Thomas, UKIP 933

Christine MacPherson, LD 196

Hannah Middleshaw, GRN 179


Horwich and Blackrod (Labour hold, two seats)

Alan Bury, LAB 1313

Stephen Pickup, LAB 1310

Bob Horsefield, UKIP 1147

Carol Forshaw, CON 850

Daniel Haslam, CON 708

Keith Cocker, GRN 401

Lynne McCartin, LD 201

Lynn Rock, LD 159


Horwich North East (Labour hold)

Kevin McKeon, LAB 1324

Peter McGeehan, UKIP 888

Anne Galloway, CON 743

Stephen Rock, LD 573

Rod Riesco, GRN 203


Hulton (UKIP take over from Conservatives)

Diane Parkinson, UKIP 1291

Andy Morgan, CON 1150

Shafaqat Shaikh, LAB 1140

James Tomkinson, GRN 162

David Cooper, LD 69


Kearsley (Labour hold)

Derek Burrows, LAB 1139

Mark Cunningham, UKIP 1096

Margaret Rothwell, LD 348

Simon Colley, IND 309

Sandra MacNeill, CON 278


Heatons South (UKIP takeover from Labour)

Paul Richardson, UKIP 1255

Maureen Connell, LAB 1051

Eric Hyde, LD 661

Rees Gibbon, CON 657

Alwynne Cartmell, GRN 147


Manor (Labour hold)

Ismail Ibrahim, LAB 2876

Geoffrey Kay, UKIP 492

Jack Heyes, CON 317

Alan Johnson, GRN 200

Jaleh Salari, LD 66


Tonge With The Haulgh (Labour hold)

Nick Peel, LAB 1399

Derek Fisher, UKIP 1053

Zoe Kirk-Robinson, CON 486

Dorothee Sayers, BNP 109

Hafsa Patel, GRN 91

Paul Harasiwka, LD 66

Eric Hyland, LU 14


Westhoughton N and Chew Moor (Conservative hold) 

Martyn Cox, CON 1424

Anne Graham, LAB 1278

Joan Johnson, UKIP 984

Jack Speight, IND 203

Derek Gradwell, LD 163

Heather Rylance, GRN 127


Westhoughton South (Labour hold) 

Kevan Jones, LAB 1268

Les Wareing, UKIP 917

Stephen Wallen, CON 562

David Wilkinson, LD 361

Derek Bullock, ED 97

Photography by Louise Hill

Full breakdown of results and more reaction to follow through the day. Check back for updates.

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