Bring me the head of Tony Lloyd: Oldham UKIP councillor vows to scrap Manchester police chief role

UKIP’s new Oldham councillor has waged war on Tony Lloyd after declaring his intention to scrap the role of Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

The newly-elected Failsworth West councillor Warren Bates was voted in with a slim 132 majority ahead of Labour incumbent John Battye who received 988 votes, with Conservative candidate Steven Cox in third.

After receiving the news of the vote Mr Bates vowed not to let the people of Failsworth down and wasted no time outlining the changes he wanted to make.

“I am going to get rid of the Police Commissioner’s office which is headed by Tony Lloyd and is costing us over two million a year,” he declared.

“It could be better spent by putting more bobbies on the beat.

“My other priority is to get this town back and move it to what it used to be. It’s absolutely frightening what they done to it and all the three main parties are responsible.”

Mr Bates also stated that he will be defending any attempts to remove pensioners’ bus passes and he insisted that despite coverage linking UKIP and racism, he is not a racist.

“I wouldn’t be in UKIP if I was a racist I worked on the ambulance service, I worked down the coal mines, I worked in the operating theatres with a world famous gynaecologists,” he explained.

“I’ve worked with many people all over the world and I wouldn’t be in UKIP if I was a racist.

“I was in Labour for 60 years and as far as I’m concerned UKIP is the only party of hope.”

Mr Bates assured voters that he was committed first and foremost to Failsworth as he criticised policies previously pursued by the council.

“I’m sick to death of this leader of this council [Jim McMahon] imposing massive infrastructure.

“He’s got us £150million in the red at the moment, he’s got a massive programme which he has not paid for – he’s just going to borrow it – and I want to know who’s going to pay for it at the end of the day,” he said.

“I want the town back to what it was.” 

Picture courtesy of GMPCC, with thanks

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