From pub to polls: Youngest council leader in UK Sean Anstee is ‘drinking’ of ways to engage youths in Trafford politics

Conservative Trafford Council Leader Sean Anstee has urged young voters to join him for a pint as his identical twin brother Stephen battles for the Bucklow-St-Martins seat.

The youngest council leader in the country at 26, Anstee believes that, despite youth disillusionment in the political system, the loudest voices come from the lower end of the age spectrum in voters.

And Anstee is looking to encourage youngsters to join in with politics with two-way down-to-earth conversations in informal settings like local pubs.

“Young people are disinterested with politics – but they are very vocal with an issue they disagree with and very forthcoming with their opinions and views,” said Anstee.

“We are all very vocal with an issue, it’s just a case of being able to do something about it.”

Anstee also insists that the high quality of education in the Trafford area and the preservation of libraries are equipping youngsters with the tools to play their part in the political process and have their say.

“Our schools in Trafford are well-respected – our grammar schools and secondary schools work well together,” said Anstee.

“We have some of the best non-grammar schools in the country because of our system.

“A lot of places have had their libraries closed this is not happening in Trafford.”

The Conservative party member, who is also aiming to tackle North West council tax, is also using social media to encourage teens to get to the polls.

“We have been using web advertising and Twitter to reach out to people – everything is interactive now,” said Anstee.

Anstee has been embroiled in a Twitter battle with rival councillors in the run-up to the elections.

Stephen is aiming to add to his position in Trafford after the resignation of Matthew Colledge in February promoted him to Trafford Council Leader.

Bucklow-St. Martins covers the town of Partington, the village of Carrington and a small part of Sale and is currently held by Labour.

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