LOCAL ELECTIONS 2014: Round the clock coverage, results and reaction from across Greater Manchester

Red, blue, yellow, green or any other colour; Mancunian Matters is the only place to come for exhaustive coverage of the 2014 Local Council and European Elections around Greater Manchester.

Mancunian Matters will be providing round the clock coverage of all ten of Greater Manchester boroughs, and reporters were on the scene at every single count last night and throughout today to bring you the latest.

The first few results are already trickling in so refresh this page for updates – links to all of our coverage will be listed below.

Follow editor David Keane and the team on our live blog, giving you the results as they happen, and we’ll also bring you all the reaction from across the region.

Consultant editor Andrew Greaves, former political correspondent for The Bolton News, will be looking at the national picture and what it means for the parties at Westminster.

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Live blog coverage: David Keane, Andrew Greaves, Helen Le Caplain & the MM team 

Newsdesk team: Liam Geraghty, Kenny Lomas, Stefan Mackley & Josh Willacy

Ensure you scroll down for a full list of all our coverage, borough by borough, count by count!




Manchester City Council – reporting by Kate Brady & Jessica Badger

Manchester Council elections 2014 round-up: Labour paint town red as Lib Dems lose ALL their seats

Things can only get better: Manchester councillor slates UKIP’s rise and vows to repeat Labour’s ’97 landslide

Manchester Green Party candidate: We are most popular party in UK… we just lack cash to win votes


Bolton Council – reporting by Chris White & Louise Hill

Bolton Council elections 2014 round-up: UKIP storm two seats while snatching second in 12… but Labour cling on

UKIP surge must be ‘wake-up call’ for main parties, claims Bolton’s ousted Tory councillor


Wigan Metropolitan Council – reporting by Chris Ord & Dan Birch

Wigan Council elections 2014 round-up: Labour maintain majority as UKIP make gains and Lib Dems lose only seat

‘We’re better off alone’: Wigan activist to plough on with independence calls despite election defeat

Tough times ahead: Labour councillor forecasts difficult period for ‘poor’ Wigan ward Ince

Keeping it in the family: Wigan independent snatches seat to join husband and father-in-law as councillor

Ken Loach-supported Left Unity poll better than Tories in Wigan council ward… at just six months old


Rochdale Metropolitan Council – reporting by Kat Woodcock & Nikki Moorhouse

Rochdale Council elections 2014 round-up: Labour tighten grip and shrug off UKIP threat as European ‘blip’ 

Time to get out of England? UKIP winning parliament seats would be awful, says Rochdale council hopeful


Trafford Metropolitan Council – reporting by Olivia Wheeler & Lucy Varley

From pub to polls: Youngest council leader in UK Sean Anstee is ‘drinking’ of way to engage youths in politics

Future of NHS depends on Labour wrestling power back from coalition, says Andy Burnham MP


Salford City Council – reporting by Michael Taylor & Richard Browne

Salford Council elections round-up: UKIP fail to break Labour’s Salford stronghold despite finishing runner-up in NINE wards

Too fast, too hard, too deep’: Salford Mayor Ian Stewart blasts coalition cuts as Labour retain stronghold

Close… but no cigar: UKIP fail to break Labour’s Salford stronghold despite finishing runner-up in NINE wards

Salford Conservative candidate he ‘knew they’d blame Tories’ for UKIP’s protest vote

Fringe benefits: Salford UKIP and Valour candidates blast Labour’s ‘let downs’

Bez: Fracking is Britain’s ‘biggest battle since World War II’


Oldham Metropolitan Council – reporting by Josh Nicholls & Chris White

Oldham council elections 2014 round-up: UKIP bag two seats as Labour remain bullish that vote will hold out

Bring me the head of Tony Lloyd: Oldham UKIP councillor vows to scrap Manchester police chief role

UKIP are ‘no different from BNP’, claims Oldham Council leader

MPs fiddling expenses? They should be ‘taken out and SHOT’, says Oldham Lib Dem councillor


Stockport Metropolitan Council – reporting by Nick Statham

Stockport council elections 2014 round-up: Light on a bleak day for Lib Dems as Goddard returns to Offerton

Taking back his street: Lib Dem former council leader claws back Stockport seat after bitter Twitter feud

Lib Dems local election wipeout are down to Nick Clegg’s national nightmare, claims Stockport councillor


Bury Metropolitan Council – reporting by Tim Underwood & Helen Jakes

Bury council elections 2014 round-up: Tweets, tight calls and laughter as Labour wins exceed expectations

‘It feels like a massive majority’: Labour councillor’s relief after winning Bury seat from Tories… by just 19 votes

On the attack: Bury councillor uses thumping victory to slam UKIP policies and Osborne economic plans


Trafford Metropolitan Council – reporting by Olivia Wheeler & Lucy Varley

Trafford council elections 2014 round-up: Tories rejoice at majority as Labour draws General Election battle lines


Tameside Metropolitan Council – reporting by Danielle Roper & Hannah Marshall

Tameside council elections 2014 round-up: Labour retain majority but UKIP rejoice as thorn in party’s side


North West European elections 2014 round-up: Victory for Labour as BNP and Lib Dems wiped off map

IN PICTURES: Weird and wonderful polling stations around Greater Manchester

Don’t say cheese: Manchester voters could face £5,000 fine if they snap selfies in polling stations

#WhyImVotingUKIP: Twitter trolls barrage Farage with tweets mocking UKIP hashtag campaign

Euro a ‘lying mother******’: Super-sized Salford political vandalism gives UKIP’s Nigel Farage billboard bashing

Rise of the Right? More than 30% of British voters could choose UKIP in next election, claim Manchester experts

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