Remembering Lee Rigby: Silent walk through Manchester in memory of murdered fusilier

A silent memorial walk in honour of murdered Middleton soldier Lee Rigby, who was killed near Woolwich Barracks a year ago, will take place on Saturday.

The silent parade will start at 1pm on Piccadilly gardens and will walk peacefully to Manchester Town Hall.  A tw0-minute silence will be held at 2.20pm in honour of the drummer.

The walk organisers have specifically asked supporter not to use the walk as a sign of protest and to refrain from wearing colours, bring political flags or banners.

Event organiser Andrea Stone said: “May I remind you all that this is a respectful walk for our fallen and is a family event and not a demonstration of any kind.

“All colours of the union are welcome but not political banners and also armed force banners [are] welcome.

“This is about remembering Lee Rigby and all the fallen heroes it’s not an anti-Islamic or a political demo.”

Tributes have flooded in from across the country on social media with the hashtag #RIPLeeRigby trending on Twitter. 

Home Secretary Theresa May said: “We shall never forget the appalling crime which was committed so publicly in Woolwich a year ago and our thoughts must go to Lee Rigby’s loved ones on this very difficult day.

“The entire country united to condemn his death and the murderous ideology his killers espoused.

“They were swiftly brought to justice and we are committed to doing everything we can to challenge those whose beliefs and behaviour threaten our way of life.”

Since his death Lee Rigby’s name has rarely been out of the news and in recent weeks his name has been used by extremist parties to front appeals.

Last month The British National Party released a controversial campaign broadcast that was censored for using horrifying cartoon images relating to the fusilier’s murder.

His name has also been as part of an extremist group’s slogan after Britain First put ‘Remember Lee Rigby’ on voting slips for today’s European elections.

The election watchdog immediately apologised to Lee Rigby’s family and has now introduced new rules over the descriptions political parties can use on voting cards.

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were both sentenced to life in prison. 

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