Tameside council elections 2014 round-up: Labour retain majority but UKIP rejoice as thorn in party’s side

The 2014 local elections bore no real surprises in Tameside – a strong, but not resounding, win for Labour with only one seat lost to the Tories.

Huge cheers erupted as Labour retained seats in 17 of the 19 wards, but lost Ashton Hurst which the Conservatives managed to snatch back by just 18 votes.

Conservative winner Paul Lee Buckley told MM: “I feel exhausted. I delivered 7,000 leaflets from Saturday until Wednesday evening, and over 15,000 leaflets in the election in total.

“I have worked hard for it, and to have gained a seat on the council is a bit of a surprise, but it was well deserved. Now I’m sure we’ll all go out for a few drinks.”

Although only having candidates in 11 wards, UKIP saw a massive increase in support.

Droylsden East’s UKIP vote was one of the biggest surprises, at 1168 votes they eclipsed the Conservatives at just 250 and were hot on the heels of Labour at 1431.

GAINING GROUND: Cllr Dennis Connor, Chairman of Tameside UKIP, Ted Salmon, UKIP Droylsden East, and John Cooke, UKIP Dukinfield

In Audenshaw Labour snatched victory from the jaws of UKIP with Oliver Ryan, the youngest candidate at 19 and one of the youngest in the country, narrowly beating UKIP’s David Turner by 1284 to 1162.

Mr Turner told MM UKIP had ‘put Labour’s nose out of joint a bit’ and said: “I am absolutely delighted. I really can’t thank the people of Audenshaw enough.

“I think we’ve proved it isn’t a strong Labour seat anymore – I think we’ll make inroads there in the next year or two.”

Labour seemed to think that although UKIP did not win any seats they were a thorn in their side.

Labour’s Philip Fitzpatrick said: “The problem I have is over 900 people voted UKIP and the candidate couldn’t even be bothered to turn up.

“We have got to work to make sure we get rid of this UKIP threat.”

Ashton St Michaels Labour winner Bill Fairfoull urged people to open their eyes to UKIP’s ‘lies and racism’ in his acceptance speech.

The BNP, unrepresented in the wards of St Peter’s and Droylsden last year, saw two candidates gain 303 and 106 votes respectively.

GO GREEN: Nicholas  Koopman ( white shirt) standing for the first time for Hyde Godley 

The Green Party saw an increase in votes all around the borough, with Mossley seeing the biggest leap – from 276 to 697.

Hyde Godley’s Green party also saw a massive increase of 339 and their candidate Nicholas Koopman told MM: “It was a massive swing.  I’m really chuffed.

“The target was 200, and to increase the vote share and more than double it is a massive result.”

Ashton Hurst (Conservative gain from Labour)

Paul Buckley CON 1377

Debbie Boulton LAB 1359

Charlotte Hughes GRN 436


Ashton St. Michael’s (Labour hold)

Bill Fairfoull LAB 1466

Liam Billington CON 494

Nigel Rolland GRN 426

Mary Doherty PS 151


Ashton Waterloo (Labour hold)

Lynn Travis LAB  1447

Jack Rankin CON 868

Andrew Threlfall GRN 460


Audenshaw (Labour gain from Conservative)

Oliver Ryan LAB 1284

David Turner UKIP 1162

Colin White CON 429

Nancy Jaeger GRN 159


Denton North East (Labour hold)

Vincent Ricci LAB 1251

Dennis Connor UKIP 906

Carol White CON 344

Gerard Boyd GRN 200


Denton South (Labour hold)

Claire Francis LAB 1160

Carl Simmons IND 1085

Jacob Sutcliffe CON 342

Michael Smee GRN 92

Dean Kavanagh TUSC 91


Denton West (Labour hold)

Michael Smith LAB 2068

Thomas Dunne CON 778

Jacintha Manchester GRN 332


Droylsden East (Labour hold)

Sue Quinn LAB 1431

Ted Salmon UKIP 1168

Liv Brannon CON 250

Mark Stanley GRN 163


Droylsden West (Labour hold)

Barrie Holland LAB 1584

Tracy Radcliffe UKIP 971

Gill Westhead CON 235

Jo Booth GRN 149

Ian Connor BNP 106


Dukinfield (Labour hold)

Jacqueline Lane LAB 1419

John Cooke UKIP 866

Zoe Gallacher CON 252

Julie Wood GRN 219


Dukinfield Stalybridge (Labour hold)

Eleanor Ballagher LAB 1194

Wayne Jones UKIP 954

Christine Liley CON 507

Emily Kelly GRN 206

Steve Starlord IND 59


Hyde Godley (Labour hold)

Jim Fitzpatrick LAB 1597

Mohammed Iqbal CON 493

Nicholas Koopman GRN 479


Hyde Newton (Labour hold)

Philip Fitzpatrick LAB 1406

Gail Jones UKIP 962

Craig Halliday CON 415

Andrew Highton GRN 222


Hyde Werneth (Conservative hold)

Ruth Welsh CON 1153

Andy Kinsey LAB 1143

Philip Chadwick UKIP 782

Melanie Roberts GRN 179


Longdendale (Labour hold)

Janet Cooper LAB 1185

David Tyler CON 733

Kevin Misell UKIP 635

John Kelly GRN 240


Mossley (Labour hold)

Frank Travis LAB 1375

Amanda Buckley CON 851

Christine Clark GRN 697


St. Peters (Labour hold)

Joyce Bowerman LAB 2052

Bill Kitchen BNP 303

Gus Rankin CON 289

Trevor Clarke GRN 288


Stalybridge North (Labour hold)

Kevin Welsh LAB 1125

Clive Patrick CON 811

Angela McManus UKIP 758

Jean Smee GRN 197


Stalybridge South (Conservative hold)

Basil Beeley CON 1123

Dorothy Cartwright LAB 813

Colette Barlow UKIP 603

Mohammed Ramzan GRN 196

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