Beautiful Machines’ San Francisco musicians hail ‘Blitz-like’ Manchester spirit

San Francisco musicians Stefanie Ku and Conrad Schuman, of the avant garde electronica band Beautiful Machines, have praised the ‘Blitz spirit’ of the reeling Manchester public.

The American musicians, on holiday in the UK, arrived on a direct flight from California and were eager to experience the famous Manchester music scene.

Miss Ku, 39, said: “We were at our hotel in the city centre and the first we heard about the attack was a phone call from our mom in the States. She’d seen it on the news and was really worried about us.”

Mr Schuman, 38, spoke of his surprise at the courage and defiance shown by the people of Manchester.

He said: “The city seems to be carrying on as normal. It doesn’t feel like an attack has happened. There’s no huge public outpouring of grief on the streets.

“I guess it’s that famous Blitz spirit. If you don’t carry on with your lives you lose your freedom and the terrorists win.”

The couple, who had been excited about their visit to Manchester, expressed their sympathy for the victims of the attack but said they will follow the example of the people of Manchester by “keeping calm and carrying on”.

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