Manchester-based company met with amazing generosity after starting crowdfunder to help victims of terror attack

The CEO of a Manchester-based company has set up a JustGiving page to raise funds for those affected by the terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

Steven Bartlett from The Social Chain built the page to help the families that were devastated by the bomb at Manchester Arena which killed 22 people and injured 59 others.

The young entrepreneur said the company and his colleagues wanted to lend a hand in any way they could.

Speaking to MM he said: “We wanted to raise money for the families affected. The last thing we want for people who have been struck by this disaster is to be worrying about how this might affect their bank accounts.

“Mancunians love their city and that makes this attack feel very close to every individual and every person.

“Manchester feels like our city and although we feel helpless in some ways, we are focused in finding out what we can do, and that is what we need to take forward.”

GENEROSITY: The public have donated thousands to help

So far the page has raised £7,118.

The support for the victims has poured in online, with many sharing their heartbreak for the families affected.

One wrote: “Such a horrific event, but so much love and solidarity coming out of Manchester today and proud for this to be my city. Please show your support and donate whatever you can, it will all help somebody along the way. Thank you.”

Another added: “There is no other city in the world that can match the spirit of Manchester, and right now we need to come together and support our extended family. Please donate what you can, it really will make all the difference in the coming months.”

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The Social Chain, based on Portland Street, was also one of the many companies to offer their support throughout Monday night to the victims of the attack.

Members of staff were out on the street helping wherever they could and their offices were open to those who needed to take shelter.



Mr Bartlett added: “When we heard the terrible news we immediately wanted to make sure friends, family and staff were okay.

“We then tried to think about what we could do to help, so we went to help on the ground in hotels and helping people that were stranded.

“We also opened up our offices, offering it as a place to stay for anyone that was stuck in the city. This could give people a chance to rest, recover, eat, sleep, charge their phones, whatever they needed.”

The CEO said that he believes the aftermath of the attack is when people would truly see how strong the city and its people are.

SUPPORT: The figure is nearing half a million pounds

He said: “The actions of the people of Manchester in the aftermath of the attack is truly representative of the people in this city.

“We are a global company but we choose to be based here because of the people. It is one of the cities where there is a strong community.

“The actions from people helping others today is the exact reason why Manchester is so unique and so special to so many people.”

Stories of people showing heroinism have flooded social media since the news broke.

The Manchester Evening News have similarly started a JustGiving page, raising more than £320,000.

And clothing brand, Boohoo reportedly donated £100,000 to the fund it was revealed on Twitter by Manchester Evening News.

*You can donate to the Social Chain’s JustGiving page HERE.

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