Fighting fire: Manchester mother and daughter warn of deadly loose clothing burns risk after lucky escape

A Manchester woman is helping to spread life-saving messages about the dangers of fire after her daughter was burned by a dress fire earlier this year.

Asma Khan, assisted by her eight-year-old daughter Hadeeka Khan, is working with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) after the youngster’s dress set aflame when she stood too close to a gas fire.

GMFRS were called to the family’s home on Butterwick Close, Longsight, on April 9 after the terrifying ordeal left Hadeeka physically and mentally scarred.

Mrs Khan said: “One day, during the Easter holidays, Hadeeka ran into the kitchen to tell me that she felt really hot.

“I noticed straight away that the back of her maxi dress was on fire so grabbed a jacket and smothered the fire to put it out, before calling 999.

“Hadeeka now has burns on her legs and says she is scared of fire and doesn’t like anything that makes her feel hot.”

Both mother and daughter have shared their experiences with GMFRS to help firefighters and community safety staff reinforce just how dangerous loose clothing can be around open fires and cookers.

This incident is just one of a handful that GMFRS has been made aware of in the last year.

An elderly woman from Rochdale died after suffering serious burns when her sari caught fire as she was cooking in November 2013.

A month earlier, a seven-year-old girl suffered serious burns when her nightdress caught alight as she stood near to a gas fire at her home in Bolton and she was hospitalised for several weeks.

Firefighters and community staff from GMFRS have been speaking to people at their individual house inspection scheme Home Safety Checks to spread the word about dangers that often come with wearing loose clothing.

Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “Following a number of fires involving loose clothing, posters, leaflets and stickers have been created to support the campaign and help spread safety messages, along with GMFRS staff speaking to people at higher risk.

“I would urge the public to take extra care when wearing loose clothing – particularly when cooking or around any heat source or flame. 

“And please take a few moments to read our safety advice and watch our videos so that if you are involved in a fire, you know what to do.”

For a free Home Safety Check, which could include the fitting of smoke alarms, call 0800 555 815 or visit their website.

Image courtesy of Liz West with thanks

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