Ale lovers rejoice as Crabbie’s UK owners drop trademark dispute with Stockport brewery TicketyBrew

By Danielle Wainwright

A trademark dispute between Manchester-brewery TicketyBrew and drinks manufacturer Halewood International ended yesterday with the pale-ale makers able to keep their much-loved name.

TicketyBrew owned by husband and wife team Duncan and Keri Barton were contacted by Crabbies UK owner Halewood for a trademark breach over the use of tickety boo, a catchphrase used by the ginger beer company.

Scores of Ticketybrew supporters expressed their anger over Twitter and Facebook to support the small brewery in Stockport and have recently tweeted and posted messages of joy that the brewery are able to keep the name.

However, the companies have now reached an agreement with the brewery able register their name in the category of alcoholic beverages.

Halewood International said: “Our intention at all times has been to open discussions to reach an amicable agreement around the similarities between our earlier registered trade mark ‘Tickety boo’ and the trade mark application for TicketyBrew.

“We are pleased to have spoken with TicketyBrew to confirm we have no plans to oppose their trade mark application.

“As a company we are always supportive of other independent businesses and have acted with integrity at all times throughout this process. Trade mark law is often misunderstood, which can cause unnecessary concern for interested parties, so we are pleased to have come to a resolution with TicketyBrew and wish them well for the future.”

Keri Barton from TicketyBrew has said: “We have spoken to the Marketing Director at Halewood International and would like to thank them for being fair and reasonable. 

“We are relieved to have reached an amicable solution and that Halewood International will not be opposing our trade mark application”.

This time round the news was greeted much more amicably on Twitter and Facebook.

Richard Lewis said: “Great news, well done! Good to hear Crabbies were fair.”

James Wilmore, Deputy Editor of Just Drinks, suggested that the initial ‘Twitter storm’ over the news may have played a part.

He tweeted: “Pleased to hear Halewood and have come to an agreement over trademark issue. The power of again?”

TicketyBrew themselves tweeted: “We’ve reached an agreement! Thanks for your support & to Crabbie’s for being fair & reasonable.”

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