What did the UK do wrong and Germany do right when it came to Covid-19? MM asked eight Berliners

According to the Atlantic, Britain has “the worst overall COVID-19 death toll in Europe” with over 46,000 deaths and an “excess death” tally per capita that is eight times higher than Germany’s. 

The reasons for this, while complex, are arguably well-known — at least in Britain.

The lockdown came too late, the government chief scientific adviser’s grasp of the science of the disease (remember “herd immunity”?) was flawed, lack of testing, lack of contact tracing.

In contrast, Germany did everything right: their healthcare system hadn’t suffered years of budget cuts like the NHS and boasted a large number of hospital beds, especially in intensive care units; tests were widely available; while no national curfew was imposed, Chancellor Angela Merkel clearly and consistently communicated the need for her citizens to remain at home of their own free will.

But how well-informed are Berliners about these reasons? And why do they think Britain did so poorly? Let’s find out.
Main image courtesy of The Telegraph via YouTube, with thanks.

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