Ed Miliband says Alan Henning’s capture says ‘all we need to know about Isis’ in conference speech

Ed Milband paid tribute to Isis terror hostage Alan Henning as he began his Labour Party Conference speech in Manchester today.

Mr Henning, 47, from Salford, was on an aid mission to deliver much needed supplies to Syrian children when he was captured last December.

He was also seen in the video depicting the beheading of David Haines at the hands of the Islamist terrorist group, Isis, or Isil, earlier this month.

It is still believed Alan Henning is still alive in Iraq.

“Alan Henning is simply an aid worker trying to make life better for victims of conflict,” Ed Miliband said at the Labour Party Conference.

“It should tell us all we need to know about Isis and their murderous ways that they take a decent British man like Alan Henning hostage.”

Last night the United Stated lead strikes on Isis positions in Syria

The Labour leader gave his support to the strikes but said UN intervention in required to stop Isis and the murder of hostages.

So far American Journalist James Foley, Steven Sotloff and Mr Haines have all been executed.

“We support the overnight action against Isil,” the Mr Miliband said.

“What needs to happen now is that UN needs to play its part – a UN Security Council resolution to win the international support to counter that threat of Isil.”

Earlier this week, Mr Henning’s wife issued a plea to his captors to ‘see it in their hearts to release him.’

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