Plan to eradicate hate crime launched across Greater Manchester

A new plan to tackle hate crime has been launched across Greater Manchester.

The Plan to Tackle Hate Crime, set up by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), aims to reduce hate crime across the region over the next three years.

This comes as figures show that there were 488 hate crime prosecutions in Greater Manchester from March 2019 to March 2020.

Bev Hughes, Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester for Policing, Crime, Criminal Justice and Fire, said: “Greater Manchester is a very welcoming place and we are proud of the diverse communities that make up our city-region.

“But even in Greater Manchester there is a minority of people who attempt to spread prejudice and commit hate crime.”

The GMCA is aiming to eradicate hate crimes against people based on race, religion, sexual orientation, trans identity, disability and alternative subcultures.

GMCA said that there is also broad support to consider hate based on age and gender as a hate crime.

Measures to reduce hate crime so far have included the appointment of activist Carl Austin-Behan to be Greater Manchester’s LGBT Adviser.

An LGBT Panel and Disabled People’s Panel was established to help develop policies to tackle hate against LGBT communities and people with disabilities.

The GMCA is also working to establish a Women and Girl’s Equality Panel and Race Equality Panel, to build on the success of the LGBT and Disabled People’s Panel.

Superintendent Rick Jackson, Greater Manchester Police’s tactical lead on hate crime, said: “Tackling hate crime is a priority for GMP.

“Greater Manchester is made vibrant by the diverse faiths and backgrounds of the people who live, work and visit our great city region.”

Anyone who has been a victim of or witness to hate should report it to Greater Manchester Police on 101 or visit

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