University students jump out of windows after security rumble lockdown party

A video showing students from the University of Salford climbing out the first-floor windows of their student accommodation after flouting lockdown rules and having a party has gone viral on social media.

Security attempted to shut down the party at the Peel Park Quarter accommodation when the students leapt from the building to avoid punishment.

The students are seen helping each other land safely then run off.

A voice behind the camera is heard saying: “Salford Royal is gonna be full in the morning.”

Although it looks like no one is injured in the footage, it appears one of the buildings has sustained light damage as one student loses his grip and slides down the wall.

Another person behind the camera adopts a David Attenborough-style voice as they comment on the students’ risky behaviour.

He said: “As we watch the three-toed sloth climb from the darkness, it makes me realise that if these things were quicker, they would haunt my dreams, the scary little sh*ts.”

A week ago, the University of Salford confirmed that 300 students had tested positive for coronavirus.

Days before this incident, fours Salford University students were caught hiding thirty people when their lockdown party was discovered by police and fined £10,000.

The University has commented on the incident and said: “We are aware of a video circulating on social media showing an incident at Peel Park Quarter. 

“Security were called and dealt with it on the night and action is being taken with regards to those involved.”

Greater Manchester Police said: “GMP are aware of the matter and are liaising with the university to understand the exact nature of the incident and what action they intend to take.”

Salford, which was in Tier Two when the footage was filmed, has now been moved into Tier Three as Covid-19 cases continue to rise.

Link to video:

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